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A chance to meet new friends at Holy Redeemer LifeCare

At our Holy Redeemer LifeCare communities, we never have a shortage of things to celebrate. On April 24, 2014 we’ll be celebrating spring with a Victorian Tea and Luncheon at Holy Redeemer Lafayette! This event is open to the public and gives us the perfect excuse to show off this tremendous community that so many people call home.

We understand that making the transition to a LifeCare community can seem daunting, not only to prospective residents but also to family members. Stopping by for a cup of tea and a relaxed visit can be just thing to help open the door to a new and exciting chapter in retirement life. If you’d like, you can even take a guided tour of our community while you’re here.

So please, come enjoy a gourmet lunch and some live music and have a look around. Bring an old friend, and make some new ones. We just know that you’ll find Holy Redeemer Lafayette to be as special a place as we do. Space is limited so please RSVP by Thursday, April 17 by visiting this link or by calling 215-214-2870. We look forward to seeing you on April 24th!

Clubs stimulate the mind in LifeCare communities

By Joan Maher
Supervisor of Residential Activities, Holy Redeemer Lafayette

We have several posts here on our blog that focus on ways to make the transition to a retirement community easier for all involved. Of all the tips and suggestions, one of the most important is maintaining a positive attitude, remembering that such a move is not an ending, but a new beginning in the continuation of a life story. Following is the story of how one of our residents continued his love of learning and history and turned that love into something that enriches the lives of others. Read more

Living life to the fullest

By Julia Regan
Personal Care Administrator, Holy Redeemer St. Joseph Manor

When the decision is made to try one of our Holy Redeemer Personal Care Communities it is usually because there is some level of support needed for the older adult making the move. Each person has a different need – the needs are as varied as the residents–but invariably the potential resident has come to a crossroad in their life. This is a person who has faced the reality many, many times already that life is a series of beginnings, endings and new beginnings again. Read more

Building community for men in elder care

By Robin Aspelund
Office Coordinator, Holy Redeemer D’Youville Manor

Research shows that remaining physically active and socially engaged contributes to longevity, better health, and a greater sense of wellbeing. This is one reason that activities in elder care communities are so important. It can sometimes be more difficult, though, to find activities that appeal to men. Following are a few ideas that might help release a reluctant social butterfly from his cocoon. Read more

Making the emotional transition to a LifeCare community

By David McDonald, Personal Care Administrator, Holy Redeemer Lafayette

Making the move into a senior community can be stressful. I previously offered some logistical suggestions that could help make the move easier. As you deal with the emotions surrounding such a move, you may find it helpful to keep some of the following things in mind. Read more

The importance of the resident council in Holy Redeemer LifeCare communities

By Kelly Beckmann, Residential Services Coordinator

Our Holy Redeemer LifeCare communities operate in many ways like neighborhoods or communities you might find in any city.

Many of the residents throughout our LifeCare communities lead active, productive lives and provide valuable input regarding the place they’ve chosen to call “home.” This is one reason we’ve developed our resident council. Read more

Memories in the making at Holy Redeemer St. Joseph Manor

By Stephanie Messler
Assistant Administrator of LifeCare Admissions, Holy Redeemer St. Joseph Manor

The arts can be a tremendous aid when helping those with Alzheimer’s disease remember and memorialize past events. Recalling the memory of a pleasant event or place from the past can be very comforting and encouraging to someone who struggles with memory each day.

Memories in the Making® (MIM) is a program we use at Holy Redeemer St. Joseph Manor that is available through the Alzheimer’s Association. It’s a series of art sessions specifically designed with the resident who has Alzheimer’s in mind. Each week, our residents participate in a program guided by an Alzheimer’s Association MIM volunteer. High-quality art supplies are provided for each resident as well as individual support from Holy Redeemer volunteers who have completed MIM training. While the volunteers offer one-on-one encouragement during the session, it’s the resident who completes the painting. Read more