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Respite services offer relief to caregivers

By Lucia Maglio,
Social Services Coordinator, Holy Redeemer St. Joseph Manor

Providing care for a loved one on a regular basis can be challenging and stressful. More and more, we encounter caregivers who also work full time and have a busy family schedule. Keeping such a pace is not only exhausting but can also limit time for things such as vacations or simply time to unwind. If this scenario sounds familiar to you, it might be helpful to learn about respite services. Read more

Gift ideas and visiting in senior communities

If you are like many of us at Holy Redeemer LifeCare, you cannot believe how this year has flown by. The kids are back in school and there is a decided nip in the night air. With that, the holidays will soon be upon us and busy schedules mean planning ahead can be the saving grace. Read more

Choosing a personal care community – part two

by David McDonald, PCHA
Personal Care Administrator, Holy Redeemer Lafayette

In my last post about choosing a personal care home I wrote about staffing ratios, qualification requirements of caregivers and pricing structures. In this post, I’ll cover the differences between a stand-alone personal care home, and a personal care home that is part of a larger retirement community. Read more

LifeCare for those with dementia

By Stephanie Messler
Assistant Administrator, Holy Redeemer St. Joseph Manor

At Holy Redeemer LifeCare we span many levels of care. While we have a large number of healthy, active, retired members in our communities, we also offer skilled care that includes assistance for those with dementia.

When you hear the word dementia you may think of Alzheimer’s disease, the most well known dementia diagnosis. However, there are several other types of dementia: frontotemperal lobe, vascular dementia and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, to name a few. Of the types of dementia, it is estimated that the second most common cause of dementia after Alzheimer’s disease is Lewy body dementia, discovered by Dr. Frederick Lewy in the 1900s. Read more

Helping seniors stay safe from scams

by Robin Aspelund
Office Coordinator, Holy Redeemer D’Youville Manor

From time to time we host speakers on various topics of interest at our LifeCare communities. One such topic is Senior Fraud. I know from personal experience with my parents that seniors often feel like they will never be a victim of a scam; those things always happen to “other people.” This is all the more reason why the occasional safety reminder is so very important. Read more

What is resident-centered care?

By Julia Regan
Personal Care Administrator, Holy Redeemer St. Joseph Manor

If you have been reading about or searching out Personal Care Homes or Nursing Homes lately, one of the descriptive terms you might come across is “resident-centered care.” What exactly does that mean?

There are many aspects of resident-centered care at Holy Redeemer LifeCare communities, but let’s begin with the foundation of this type of care, and that’s relationships. Read more

The Healing Power of Music

By Joan Maher
Supervisor of Residential Activities, Holy Redeemer Lafayette

The members of our LifeCare retirement community recently enjoyed an evening of music under the stars. More than 200 residents from Holy Redeemer Lafayette gathered outside to hear the Tri Country Band perform big band music from what some of our residents call the best era of music. It was a perfect night! Read more